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3 Different Chicken Breeds That Make The Best Laying Hens

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There are so many chicken breeds out there and it’s hard to choose which ones you are going to get your backyard coop.

Today I am going to show you three of my favorites but I’m sure you are going to have success with.  Let’s go.

I’m Becky I used to live in the consumer  rat race just like you.  but one day I’ve had enough so I sold it all.

I moved to the country and built my own log cabin with my own two hands.

Now I spend my time discovering  new ways of living a simple healthy lifestyle with more free time and way less stress.  then sharing what I’ve learnt with you.  welcome to Becky’s homestead.

I’m sure that if you have found out are a million different chicken breeds to choose from.  it makes it kind of hard.  so I am going to show you three breeds that I have that I absolutely love.  and I’m sure that your love them too.

This is my absolute favourite breed of chicken.  it is a black astralorp. They are so people friendly and so gentle  that even I can catch them and that is a miracle because I never can catch chickens  and these chickens just duck down and let me catch them.  I love that about them.

As you can see she’s a nice black colour and when the sun shines on her right here where oh where I’m patting her on the back  it’s like a shiny green colour and it looks really pretty.

They have black legs and they have white toenails  hair on their little feet.  this breed gets along with all the other hens in my coop-  they are just no trouble at all.

This is my favourite this gets a 10 out of 10 in my book.  so if you want a really nice breed of chicken for your family in your backyard coop,  I would highly highly recommend the Black Australorp.

Buff Orpington

This golden beauty Is a buff Orpington. This is another one of my favorites they are very pretty to look at.  it’s a poofy gold chicken.

They are fantastic egg layers,  they get along in the coop nicely with the other hens,  these are cold hardy as well.

She’s not very happy being on display.  they also come in other colours.

There are white orpingtons,  black orpingtons  and there is also blue orpingtons  and this is a buff Orpington which is gold.

It’s a very nice chicken,  it has white legs and white toenails and it lays brown eggs.  she’s a little Chatty but she’s a very nice chicken.  I highly recommend this breed for your backyard coop.

Barred Rock

This is a Barred Rock (number  three) another cold hardy, people friendly great laying hen.  One thing I want to mention about the Barred Rock though that is very important.  If you have just a small backyard coop,  you have to have all barred rocks  because there a little bossy and can be kind of mean if there are other breeds in the Coop with them.  so if you’re just going to have three or four chickens just have barred rocks.  or you can do what we do  and we have a great big coop and we have two barred rocks mixed in there with our other  breeds the barred rock is a very nice backyard chicken.

This is Mario- the biggest chicken of them all. He is so timid and he looks like the wimpiest dog on the planet. But Mario protect the Coop all night long  and nothing gets our chickens.  You wouldn’t think this little dog could do the job  to chase away a fox a raccoon an opossum But it just goes to show that even a small dog has a protective instincts.

There you have it,  3 my favourite chicken breeds.  I think that if you choose those for your backyard coop,  you won’t be disappointed. close quotes

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