Egg Laying

Chickens for Eggs, Self Sufficiency, and Homesteading – Modern Pioneer

In this 4 minute video by Modern Pioneer, they discuss egg laying chickens.

Feel free to watch the video or if you would prefer to read a full transcript then find it below.

Start of Video Transcript

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about fowl. Now I have a small family and I decided that I would like to have about 8 laying hens. And as you can see I’ve got some guinea fowl in there, those are my little tick herders. Those will be completely free range. Now what I’ve done is I’ve built a portable chicken coop, or what’s known as a chicken tractor. And I take the wheels off and on so I can set it flat to the ground, and I can move them around on the property. Now they’re ready to be moved, I would have moved them earlier this week but there’s a lot of rain. So let’s go have a look. Now these hens won’t start laying for probably another 2 months. So I haven’t put a nesting box in just yet. And I also plan on putting in some pipe feeders. Now the nest box will go back here on the backside of the coop. It will have a lid with a lock on it so that in the winter time we can move these down, move them down close to the house, and then we can have access to the eggs. It’s not unusual for us to get, you know, 30 inches of snow at one time. So let’s go take a look. So as you can see the feeder and the water container take up a lot of the floor space in here. So I’m going to do away with that feeder and I’m going to put in some pipe feeders instead. Now I decided to put the window in the, the importance of the sunlight is to stimulate the hens in the winter time for laying. Here’s a vent that I’ll put an adjuster on so in the winter time we can judge how much airflow. Because we don’t want them to be drafty, but we do want some circulation. Now the roof, the eves of the roof are open at this time too. And I’m going to address that later. Now I built this, this is a 4 foot by 6 foot box and I’ve got R9 in the walls. I’m in zone 5 so it gets right chilly here. Come on girls. Now, when I let these guineas go, I’m going to build them a coop on the back of another out building on the property. And they’ll, I’ll feed them, water them there and they’ll be able to come and go. Now I’m going to put their roost probably 12 feet off the ground because they like to be high. And if they decide to come back every evening I might get some millet and put some millet down and call them in every evening. And, but we’re going to let those free range and try to get some of those deer tick that are here.

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